The 2019 Winners

Wednesday June 26th 2019
The Montcalm Hotel

Celebrating Sub £100m UK Microcap

The Winners

The Small Cap Awards 2019 went off splendidly on the evening of 26th June, 2019 and the winners are in. Well done to all of our nominees and thanks to everyone for making the night a spectacular and memorable event.

IPO of the Year

Cake Box Holdings Plc

Company of the Year

Beeks Financial Cloud Group Plc

Executive Director of the Year

Mike Creedon, CEO -
Scientific Digital Imaging Plc

Impact Company of the Year

Kromek Group Plc

Analyst of the Year

George O'Connor, Technology -
Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited

Journalist of the Year

Simon Thompson –
Investors Chronicle

Fund Manager of the Year

Marlborough Nano Cap Growth

NEX Exchange Company of the Year

National Milk Records Plc

Lifetime Achievement Award

Andrew Buchanan

The Venue

Wednesday 26th June 2019
The Montcalm Hotel, London
18.30 til late
Event: Black Tie

Inaugurated in 2013, the Small Cap Awards is an annual event celebrating the best and rewarding the finest in the sub-£100m market cap quoted company sector.

In 2018, we had over 200 attendees. The Awards celebrates those professionals and companies that work within the AIM and NEX communities and is attended by institutions, fund managers, brokers and advisors.

Keynote Speaker -
Nick Leeson

In the mid-1980s, Nick Leeson landed a job as a clerk with royal bank Coutts, followed by a string of positions with other banks, ending up at Barings, where he quickly made an impression and was promoted to the trading floor.Before long, Nick was appointed the manager of a new operation in futures markets on the Singapore Monetary Exchange (SIMEX) and was soon making millions for Barings by betting on the future direction of the Nikkei Index. His bosses back in London, who viewed his large profits with glee, trusted the whizzkid. Leeson and his wife Lisa seemed to have everything: a salary of £50,000 with bonuses of up to £150,000, weekends in exotic places, a smart apartment, frequent parties and to top it all they seemed to be very much in love.Barings wasn’t aware that it was exposed to any losses because Leeson claimed that he was executing purchase orders on behalf of a client. What the company did not realise, is that it was responsible for the 88888 error account where Leeson hid all of his losses. This account had been set up to cover up a mistake made by an inexperienced team member, which led to a loss of £20,000. Leeson now used this account to cover his own mounting losses. As the losses grew, Leeson requested extra funds to continue trading, hoping to extricate himself from the mess by more deals. Over three months he bought more than 20,000 futures contracts worth about $180,000 each in a vain attempt to move the market. Some three quarters of the $1.3 billion he lost Barings resulted from these trades. When Barings executives discovered what had happened, they informed the Bank of England that Barings was effectively bust. In his wake Nick Leeson had wiped out the 233 year old Baring investment Bank, who proudly counted HM The Queen as a client. The $1.3 billion dollars of liabilities he had run up was more than the entire capital and reserves of the bank.Eventually arrested in Frankfurt, Germany, Nick spent a few fraught months trying to escape extradition to Singapore. He failed and in December 1995 a court in Singapore sentenced him to six and a half years in prison. Lisa his wife got a job as an airhostess to be able to visit him regularly. At first, their marriage survived the strain of being apart, but she eventually divorced him. Within months, Leeson was diagnosed as suffering from cancer of the colon. His weight plummeted and most of his hair fell out from chemotherapy.Finally released in 1999, and despite his return to the UK bringing a realisation that the high life had been swept away — he was effectively homeless and without a job — Nick enjoyed a fairly hedonistic first year seeing friends and family but also continuing his cancer treatment. Nick Leeson has proved his resilience and has been able to capitalise on his experiences. He was paid a substantial fee for the newspaper serialisation of his book in The Mail. The story was then turned into a film, Rogue Trader, starring Ewan McGregor. During 2001 he undertook a Psychology degree and Nick now spends his time delivering conference and keynote talks to companies and undertaking after-dinner speaking based on his life experiences.With a psychology degree and a second marriage to Irish beautician Leona Tormay, (with her own children Kersty and Alex) after trying for a baby they were delighted when, in 2004, Leona gave birth to a baby boy. Nick comments; “I’m of the mindset that cancer must not take you over and control your life. I do believe that the more positive you are, the greater your chance of survival.” his advice to others is never to bottle up stress as he himself did: “You need to talk and express yourself as I now do to Leona. With cancer as with other problems, it’s amazing how adaptable human beings are, and you will be able to cope provided you keep a strong frame of mind.”In April 2005 Nick was appointed Commercial Manager of Galway United Football Club, rising to the position of General Manager in late November 2005. The same year Nick published his second book Back from the Brink, Coping with Stress co-written with psychologist Ivan Tyrell. July 2007 saw his appointed as CEO of the football club where he remained in this position until his resignation in February 2011.

The Judging Panel

Our selected Small Cap Award 2019 Judges

(Chair) Claire Noyce

Managing Partner and Chief Executive at Hybridan

Dale Bellis

Investment Manager on the private equity and AiM investment team at Maven Capital Partners

David Coffman

Corporate Finance Director at Cairn Financial Advisers

Richard Gill

Head of Research at Align Research

Miles Nolan

Associate Director at IFC Advisory

Gervais Williams

Managing Director of Miton Group plc

Dominic Weller

Fund Manager at Octopus Investments

Guy Feld

Fund Manager at Canaccord Genuity

Connor Grimes

Investment Manager at Seneca Partners

Judith Mackenzie

Partner & Head of Public Equity at Downing LLP

The Nominations

Our selected Small Cap Award 2019 nominations

IPO of the Year

Aquis Exchange Plc
Cake Box Holdings Plc
Litigation Capital Management Limited
The Panoply Holdings Plc
Manolete Partners Plc
Crossword Cybersecurity Plc

Company of the Year

I3 Energy Plc
Beeks Financial
Cloud Group Plc
CREO Medical Group Plc
Scientific Digital Imaging Plc
Water Intelligence Plc
Frontier IP Group Plc

NEX Exchange Company of the Year

National Milk Records Plc
Sativa Investments Plc
NQ Minerals Plc
Walls and Futures REIT Plc
Chapel Down Group Plc
DXS International Plc

Executive Director of the Year

Amanda Mesler, CEO – Earthport Plc
Gordon McArthur, CEO - Beeks Financial Cloud Group Plc
Ian Fishwick, Chairman – AdEPT Technology Group Plc
Mike Creedon, CEO - Scientific Digital Imaging Plc
Steve McQuillan, CEO Avingtrans Plc
Simon Stilwell, CEO - Bonhill Group Plc

Impact Company of the Year

Kromek Group Plc
Yourgene Health Plc
Inspiration Healthcare Group Plc
Walls and Futures REIT Plc
Nanoco Group Plc
MYCELX Technologies Corporation

Analyst of the Year

Peter McNally - Technology, Panmure Gordon & Co
Kartik Swaminathan - Arden Partners Plc
Nick Spoliar - Support Services, WH Ireland Limited
Jonathan Barrett - Media, N+1 Singer
George O'Connor - Technology, Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited
Jeremy Grime - Financials, Charlton Illingworth

Journalist of the Year

Paul Scott – Stockopedia
Emily Nicolle - City AM
Simon Thompson – Investors Chronicle
Jamie Nimmo - Mail on Sunday
Joanne Hart – Mail on Sunday
Mark Shapland - Evening Standard Small Cap Spotlight

Fund Manager of the Year

Seneca Growth Capital VCT PLC
Liontrust UK Micro Cap
Gresham House UK Micro Cap
Octopus UK Micro Cap Growth
Amati UK Smaller Companies
Marlborough Nano Cap Growth

Lifetime Achievement Award

To be announced on the evening


The seventh annual Small Cap Awards will take place from 18.30 on Wednesday 26 June 2019 at The Montcalm Hotel in Marble Arch, London.

A standard table for 10 is priced at £1500+VAT to include a champagne reception, three course dinner and wine Individual tickets are available for £200 +VAT

For information or to enquire about sponsorship, please contact [email protected]

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